Warm UpThe purpose of your warm-up is to prepare you physically and mentally for your best performance. 


Arrive =                                        Help set-up camp & familiarize yourself with the course

One hour before race =             Bathroom trip

45-50 minutes before race =   10-20 minute run, you must break a sweat, wear warm-                                                          ups but don’t overdress

30-35 minutes before race =    Dynamic Stretches/Leg Swings, & Drills

20-25 minutes before race =   Stop at camp put spikes on, check uniform & racing #;                                                            one last bathroom stop 

10-15 minutes before race =    Head to team box and begin strides.  Everyone should do                                                     4-6 strides before racing.

3-5 minutes before race =       Take sweats off, do 1-2 final strides on the starting line.