Cross Country Vocabulary

Meet: a cross country racing competition
Dual Meet: a meet between two teams
Invitational Meet: a multi-team meet
Top 7: the “scoring” members of a cross country team
Starting Box: designated area on the starting line to which each team is assigned
Finish Chute: a rope or flag-bordered funnel past the finish line that moves runners into a single file order of finishing places order of finishing places
Camp: a place for the team to gather, stretch, and leave belongings at a meet; usually consisting of a tarp and/or tent
Surge: a tactical increase in pace during a race
Kick: a burst of speed at the end of a race
Pack: a group of runners in close proximity
Personal Record: a PR is a best-ever performance
Racing Flats/Spikes: special light-weight shoes designed for racing rather than training
Training Shoes: running shoes designed for extended wear in daily training
Warm-up: a running and stretching routine that gets the mind and body ready for a workout or race
Cool-down: a jogging routine that allows the muscles to get rid of lactates and also allows the body and mind to gradually recover from a hard workload