• All returning runners should commit to consistent summer running to ensure a proper level of fitness in the fall in order to prevent injuries.

  • New runners should strive for the ability to run five days a week for 30 minutes without stopping by the first day of practice.

  • 10th, 11th and 12th graders that have been out for the team before must be able to run 30 to 40 minutes consistently to be a member of Wayzata Girls Cross Country Team. An evaluation process will take place the first week of practice.

  • All returning runners are highly encouraged to sign in to Google Sheets during the summer and are required to sign-in during the fall season.

  • Athletes will participate fully in all warm-up, cool-down and strength training exercises as designed by the coaches.

  • Athletes will schedule work, and other commitments around practices and meets, and team gatherings.

  • Athletes are required to travel to and from all competitions with the team, unless the coaches make exceptions due to race times and locations. All athletes must attend post-race activities before they are allowed to leave with parents.