More than anything else, success in cross country takes time: time to learn, time to train, time for sleep, time to rest and recover, time before- and after-school, time on the weekend, and time away from other interests. With academic responsibilities, most student athletes are busy ALL THE TIME. The willingness to devote the time that success
demands is called dedication.

Success also means doing what is expected of every team member. In most cases, this means showing up for practice everyday, following the workouts, and doing your best not only for yourself but also for your team. In other words, success means commitment. Please be sure that you are aware of WHS and MSHSL policies, expectations, and
requirements. If followed, a commitment to these expectations will reap rewards in several areas of life outside of athletic performance. As coaches, a major goal is for our athletes to develop an awareness of team loyalty and individual responsibility that moves beyond the racecourse and into other aspects of life.

Another commitment expected is the communication between student athletes, parents/guardians, and coaches. The communication must exist for the well-being, respect, and success of each individual athlete and the entire team. Communication is needed in many areas on our team. Please always let coaches know of absences (before the fact), illness, over-fatigue, injury, stress, etc. Check the website regularly for information and updates, and feel free to contact a coach directly with questions and concerns when they arise.

Attitude & Effort
The two things that you can control in life.