• The student-athlete must have a current physical on file in the athletic office within the last three years (must have physical exam dated after June 15, 2017)

  • Wayzata High School Eligibility form

  • Registration Fee is $150.00

It is important to note that all paperwork must be in by August 12th to be on the Wayzata Girls Cross Country team. In person and on-line registration for athletes is July 9th to August 7th.  In our effort to go to a paperless office, we are offering registration for high school athletics online. We encourage you to use online registration to reduce paper, data entry, and process your payment in a quick and efficient manner.

  1. Go to the Wayzata High School Website www.wayzataschools.org/whs and click on the E-Pay Link.

  2. Follow the steps listed on the welcome screen.

    1. You must have a current sports qualifying physical exam on file in the Activities Office.  Physical must be dated after 6/15/2017 for the 2019-20 school year. If you complete steps b and c without a current physical on file, you will not be registered.

    2. Click on Eligibility Form in the school store. Fill out and submit the form to the Activities Office once per school year.

    3. Click on the appropriate sport link on the web page and make your payment online.

  3. Eligibility Form needs to be turned in only once per school year. If you register “in person” for a winter or spring sport and already played a fall sport, you will only need to turn in your fee. If you register “online’ you will need to make your payment at the school store.

Information packets for each sport will be available prior to the start of each season online at www.wayzataschools.org/athletics/register/team-packets

A student athlete who has transferred to Wayzata High School during their high school career, is moving into the school district, or is a foreign exchange student should register in person accompanied by a parent/guardian at Wayzata High School's Athletic Office.


Please be aware of these additional costs.  Most costs are extras that you are not required to purchase.  The only cost that is required is a good pair of running shoes.  Veterans that train at a very high level may need two pairs.  A uniform is provided, but additional clothing such as spandex shorts and team apparel may be purchased on our team website at the start of the season.  Team and individual pictures may be purchased for around $25. An early season two night retreat will cost $65/person (attendance is encouraged but not mandatory) and scholarships are available. Other optional items for purchase are racing spikes and a running watch.